Here Are Some of the Most Asked Questions About Working with The Alchemy Consulting Group

How do you know what you do will work for my business?

Our team of consultants are experts in sales, marketing, business development, management strategies, hiring key people, helping position your business for sale, and evaluation of markets; just to name a few of our competencies. With more than 150 business-building tactics in our arsenal, you will quickly see how effective and powerful our modules are.
Add to this the fact that we have consulted with more than 300 companies in over 50 business categories and it is very likely that we have worked with a business or professional practice that is very similar to yours.

What products do you offer?

We can provide a wide variety of business growth strategies, as well as operational
advice based on our experience with many other companies. What specifically might we offer to your business? That depends on what we learn in our initial discovery meeting with you. What you can be sure of is that we will suggest the products and services that we are confident will give you the best return on your investment immediately, as well as prepare a solid foundation for future growth.
To give you a more specific answer, about 80% of our strategic marketing focus today is online. We still incorporate traditional offline tools like direct mail, radio, billboards, and television marketing channels. We do so because they work. The particular mix of strategies for your company will depend on your goals, current situation, budget, competitive landscape, and personnel available to handle an influx of new clients or patients.

How affordable are your services?

We have clients who are on a $500 monthly retainer, others at $7500. Anything that we might propose for your business will be customized to fit in your budget today. As your business grows, you add more products and leverage that growth even further.
Marketing is not a cost to your business, it is an investment in your business. We will work with you to carefully monitor the return on investment from your advertising spend.

How does paid search work and is it worth it?

For many businesses paid search is the single best way for prospective customers to find you on page one of the search engines. Paid search might be in the form of Google, Bing, or Facebook paid advertising. Paid search also includes less expensive retargeting program or cold market banner advertising.
Two innovative new products are Hyperlocal and Time Lapse Targeting. These highly focused geo-based campaigns enable us to reach your ideal customers in a highly personalized way. Contact us to learn more about these state-of-the-art products.

How do you communicate with your clients?

At the minimum, all of our clients receive a comprehensive monthly summary report detailing results for that month with each of the marketing products we have implemented. With many of our products, you will receive updates throughout the month. For example, our Reputation Marketing clients are notified every time a new review is published.

What analytics and reporting do you provide?

At Alchemy, we believe in transparency with our clients. Our Analytics and Reporting Team are highly trained professionals who specialize in tracking and reporting from all levels of the marketing funnel and through every marketing channel we provide.
Depending on your selected package, we provide client reports on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. Our reports are shared with you through a virtual meeting where we will walk you through your reports, answer any questions you might have, and provide knowledgeable insight on the next steps.

How long will it take until I see results?

Most of our products can be fully implemented and active within 72 hours. In many cases, you will begin to see results at that time. Some foundational products, like building a new website or starting a ‘getting-found-online’ program, will take longer to customize for your business and launch.

I’m interested in learning more, what are the next steps?

Schedule a discovery conversation with one of our marketing experts. This is a no- obligation conversation that helps us learn more about your company, and lets you ask questions of us.  At the end of that discussion, we will, at your option, prepare a more specific proposal designed to help you more successfully reach your ideal prospects within the budget you have available.